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Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science

The Objective paper of Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology etc are being conducted for the first time in Delhi University. There are no previous year papers for this Entrance Test. The questions will be from the entire syllabus of NCERT and not from just Term 1 or Term 2.

The MCQs will have to be solved in 1 minute each, rather than 3 minutes as in Boards First term paper. The level of difficulty of the paper will be much higher than level of same subjects in CBSE Exams. CUET domain test will be a National Level Paper where the competition will be 10X as compared to the previous years.

Our Teaching Methodology for CUET Domain Coaching

CUET Topics Not Covered in XII

But covered in EDUMENTOR

  1. Latest and updated Data related to demography both India and World.
  2. Latest and updated Mineral resources
  3. Latest and updated indices such as human development etc are not updated in NCERT and in CBSE. Latest and updated Maps
  1. Not for Profit Organisation
  2. Redemption of Debentures
  3. Comparative Statements
  4. Three New Ratios

1.Introduction to Microeconomics 2.Central Problems in microeconomics

3.Consumer behaviour and demand

4.Consumer’s equilibrium

5.Utility approach

6.One and two commodity cases


8.Market Demand

9.Determinants of Demand

10.Demand Schedule

11.Demand Curve

12.Movement and shifts in demand curve

13.Price elasticity of demand

14.Measurement of price elasticity of demand – percentage, total expenditure and geometric methods

  1. Various Maps

  2. Historical and histo-graphical sources

  3. Chronological date

  4. Latest and updated Maps.

  1. Social reform movement and laws
  2. Constitution as an instrument of
    social change
  3. Social change in the economy
  4.  Arenas of social change
  1. Group processes
  2. Social cognition
  3. Psychology and life
  4.  Developing psychological skills
  5. Psycho dynamic & biomedical
Political Science
  1. From End of bipolarity to Disintegration of second World and the collapse of bipolarity
  2.  US Hegemony to US Dominance
  3. Alternative Centre of power to specifically alternative centre of political and economic power
  4. Contemporary South Asia to specifically South Asia in Post- cold War era
  5. Critics of Globalization
  6. international Organization in specifically unipolar world.
  7. Crises of democratic order to constitutional order
  8. All popular movements to specifically New Social Movements
  9.  Regional Aspirations to democratic upsurge and coalition politics
Business Studies

1.Dimensions of Business environment


3.Economic environment in India

4.Types of Plans – objectives, strategy, policy, procedure, method rule, budget, program

5.Formal and informal organization 6.Difference between delegation and decentralization

7.Staffing as a part of Human Resource Management

8.Barriers to effective communication

9.Relationship between Planning and Controlling

10.Techniques of Controlling

11.Importance of consumer protection

12.Components & channels of distribution

13.Entrepreneurship Development

14.Concept, Functions and Need

15.Characteristics and Competencies

16.Process of Entrepreneurship Development

17.Entrepreneurial Values, Attitudes and Motivation

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