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Result Oriented Batch

Result Oriented Batch (ROB) is a carefully designed custom-built program  developed for students to prepare for the upcoming entrance exams right after the very next day of board exams without any breaks for all 7-days till the day of exam itself.

I am grateful for the personalized attention and support I received at this educational institute. The faculty went above and beyond to ensure my success.

To revise the already taught topics and further polish the concepts to be used in the upcoming entrance examinations. Final revision of all the topics to leave no stone unturned and build real time strategies in the examination hall by attempt of various sectional/speed/revision tests and Mock Tests and Doubt and revision classes.

 Quantitative Aptitude


 Logical Reasoning

 Current Affairs

 General Knowledge

 Business Awareness

 Verbal Ability

Quantitative Aptitude6+6
Logical Reasoning4+1
Current Affairs4+1
Personality Development4+1

 Quantitative Aptitude – BMS Special Math

 General Knowledge – 2021 Edition

 Business Awareness – 2021 Edition

 Class Assignment Book (SOHA Final)

 Solution Book

 1. Online Revision Test
An online weekly Revision Test of the previous class(es) will be conducted and will be scored in order to assess your progress. This Online Revision Test (ORT) will contain 20 questions and will not be timed.

 2. Online Speed Test
In order to further strengthen your learnings of the class(es) held, a speed test of 30 minutes will be held weekly online, wherein you will have to attempt 30 questions for Exam Oriented Preparation.

 3. Daily website updates on current affairs
You are required to study daily current affairs updates from the EduMENTOR website (

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