Question #1: Name the person who was appointed as the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Delhi, on 27th November 2018?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is Ranbir Singh

Question #2: Elysium Capital Advisory, a real estate-focused investment bank, has appointed _____ as a strategic advisor and mentor?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is Sachin Khandelwal

Question #3: When did world’s largest uniformed youth organization, National Cadet Corps (NCC) celebrate the 70th NCC day all over India?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is November 25

Question #4: Where was the 14th edition of Hockey Men’s World Cup inaugurated on 27th November 2018?

Incorrect.  Correct Answer is Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Question #5: ‘SBI Ecowrap’ report released by the State Bank of India, states that the GDP growth in September quarter (which is the 2nd quarter) is expected to decelerate to 7.5 % – ____% over the previous three-month period?

Incorrect Correct Answer is 7.6 %

Question #6: Which entity launched a Survey on India’s Startup Sector (SISS) to create a profile of the startup sector in India consisting of dimensions relating to turnover, profitability and workforce, on 27th November 2018?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Question #7: Which country had recently launched a contribution based Social Security Scheme for formal sector workers ?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is Nepal

Question #8: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Institute of Microbial Technology (CSIR – IMTECH) has partnered with German company Merck to establish a “High End Skill Development Centre” at CSIR- IMTECH in which city?

Incorrect Correct Answer is Chandigarh

Question #9: West Bengal Assembly passed “West Bengal Green University (Amendment) Bill 2018” to rename the West Bengal Green University as _____, on 26th November 2018?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is Rani Rashmoni Green University

Question #10: Central government has announced _____% disinvestment of Air India’s ground handling subsidiary- Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL) to partially pay off the accumulated Rs 500 billion debt of Air India?

Incorrect. Correct Answer is 100%


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