Question #1: ________________ launched MANAV- Human Atlas Initiative, to understand the role of tissues in human body

Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

Question #2: __________ launched Nabventures- its maiden fund to give support to agriculture, food, rural start-ups

Question #3: Which Bank ERGO General Insurance Company launched ‘Mosquito Disease Protection Policy’ which will cover people against common mosquito-borne diseases

Question #4: Mumbai Indians won the 4th IPL title after defeating ___________

Question #5: who is the India’s Vice President Conducted A 4-Day Official Visit To Vietnam To Enhance The Bilateral Ties

Question #6: What is the full form of IAAF

Question #7: Who was won the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. He celebrated the 76th win of his Formula 1 career, third victory of 2019

Question #8: _______ is the Currency of Spain

Question #9: What is the Capital of Spain?

Question #10: Chinese Navy launches two Type _______ new guided missile destroyers


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