#1 Deepest lake in the world is

#2 The Indian, Satyarup Siddhanta has become the second Indian mountaineer after Malli Mastan Babu to climb Mt Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world located in

#3 The State-Run Airports Authority Of India (AAI) Will Set Up A Civil Aviation Research Organisation (CARO) Aimed At “Finding Indigenous Solutions” To Meet The Challenges Posed By The Growing Air Traffic in

#4 Which City is known as City of Rallies?

#5 Moti Lake is situated in Which State?

#6 _____________ becomes First To Eliminate All Unmanned Level Crossings in India.

#7 India’s premier gymnast Dipa Karmakar clinched the gold medal in the vault event of FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup at

#8 Which is Known as Cultural Capital of India?

#9 The Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has won the _________ Grand Prix 2018.

#10 World’s largest mobile manufacturing factory of ____________ to be inaugurated in Noida.

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