Word of the Day | 23rd May 2019

Compulsive Contextual Meaning(s) : adjective; driven to something, driven by an irresistible inner force to do something; e.g. a compulsive liar Other Meaning(s) : noun; somebody under psychological compulsion, somebody whose actions are driven by a usually irrational psychological force Synonyms : obsessive, neurotic Antonyms : granter, religious person

Daily Current Affairs | 21st May 2019

NATIONAL Centre issued Drought Advisory to six states Recently, centre has issued a “drought advisory” to six states named Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu due to water storage in dams dropped to a “critical level”. Centre has asked these 6 six states to use water judiciously. i. Central Water Commission (CWC) always issues drought advisory whenever the […]

Word of the Day | 20th May 2019

Deviation Contextual Meaning(s) : (1)verb; the action of departing from an established course or accepted standard. (2) the amount by which a single measurement differs from a fixed value such as the mean. Synonyms : unorthodoxy, abnormality Antonyms : thin, fall asleep

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